German Department


Due to inclusion of German mother-tongue professionals, and the fact that several of them have followed academic and professional itineraries in German-speaking countries, LGV entertains privileged relations with the German market and companies active in the German-speaking regions of Europe. Thus, Germany and Switzerland are important markets for the firm and in these countries LGV can claim the support of a consolidated network of contacts with other firms and locally based professionals. LGV has worked with many German-speaking clients whom it has advised directly in German, without any further linguistic intermediation. Especially close are the relations the firm has with companies operating in the mechanical and technical field as well as the chemical, electronic, transport, and communications sectors, and many more. The firm generally also provides Italian and international corporations with assistance in relation to issues involving Germany, as one of the lawyers at LGV is a German national and mother-tongue who has been admitted to the Bar in Germany.

The German practice at LGV represents a significant advantage not just for German companies wishing to carry on business in Italy, but also for those Italian clients who wish to establish relations with the Germanic world. The firm is in an ideal position to directly follow, or in any case closely monitor, litigation involving Italian clients in Germany. LGV also negotiates contracts and other agreements with German-speaking counterparties, and can accompany its clients through every stage of internationalization in the linguistic area concerned.

Complete mastery of the German language combined with in-depth knowledge of the German legal system constitute an important starting point for facing the future challenges attending the legal services market. Indeed, profound and on-going changes are underway affecting the establishment of a single European market. This will increasingly require European lawyers to interact with courts embedded with pan-European jurisdiction. This is why the attitude of openness adopted by LGV in respect of the non-Italian world also represents a different way of facing up to these challenges. LGV is ready and fully competent to manage them with professionalism, experience and dedication.

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