Korean Department


For many years LGV has had a special relationship with the Republic of Korea and Korean companies.

The firm developed close relations with corporations and large corporate groups from Korea, which it has assisted in a series of transactions within the Italian and European markets. The firm also works with Korean institutions and associations operating within Italy. The experience gained by LGV has confirmed the relevance of Italy as a destination for investments and an effective platform from which to enter the European market. Moreover, Korean clients have always considered LGV a reliable source of support for their business transactions in Italy and a safe harbour for all their issues which, at times, have been caused by the objective difficulty in understanding the intricacies of Italian law as well as by the inevitable cultural differences existing between the two countries. LGV is a bridge between these two worlds.

LGV provides managers who have moved to Italy with assistance in fulfilling the necessary administrative obligations allowing them and their families to establish themselves in this country. As for corporations, assistance is wide ranging. Korean corporations have turned to LGV for the opening of branches, the acquisition of companies, shares or corporations, the establishment of plants and show-rooms, for the acquisition of trademarks, technology transfers, and licenses and for compliance. LGV has also provided their clients with assistance in contracts involving distribution, supply and agency, acquisition of machinery, financing and creation of security interests, including in an integrated form (security package). The Korean department also acts on behalf of Korean companies in relation to certain issues involving employees, in particular with reference to their hiring, assignment of functions or roles and dismissal. LGV has also engaged extensively in litigation, including arbitration, involving Korean clients with Italian counterparties. The firm has also dealt with the exequatur of arbitral awards in this country.

The Korean clientele of LGV operates in all sectors of the economy. The firm has worked alongside Korean companies operating in the fields of fashion, food, automotive, medical devices, steel production, finance, energy (particularly in the context of renewable sources), production of equipment for the purification of air and water, electronics, tire production, design, and more.


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