As in previous years, Mr. Tankred Thiem, head of LGV’s German department and member of the board of DAV Italia, participates at the Deutscher Anwaltstag in Essen, Germany.


The principal event of the Association of German Attorneys (Deutscher Anwaltsverein – DAV) is held over the course of three days (24-26 May) and will be inaugurated by the German Justice Minister Mr. Heiko Maas. With over 67.000 members, DAV is the largest lawyer association in the World. It is structured in local and regional organizations and currently comprises 15 foreign organizations including DAV Italia. The conference is structured in seminars and working groups addressing all fields of law, and has been closely scrutinized by German media and political representatives alike. It functions both as a primary platform to maintain and strengthen networking capabilities as well as to gain expert insight in the latest developments in each particular legal branch.

Mr. Tankred Thiem – who is admitted to both the German and Italian Bar – is member of the administrative board member of the DAV Italia, which was founded in 2006, for nearly ten years. The activities within the Association of German Attorneys is but one aspect of the long-lasting and wide spread German-Italian relationship, a context within which LGV, over the years, has established significant and highly productive ties with important German law firms and multinational companies.