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What are cookies

Cookies are text files that websites visited by users transfer on their computers, where they are stored and subsequently retransferred to the same websites on the next visit by the user. Technical cookies allow or facilitate surfing. Cookies, for example, allow surfing according to criteria or preselected elements (such as language preference)

Cookies used by the website and their deactivation

The website uses cookies of a technical nature, that are automatically installed following access to the website, to make surfing more efficient and simple. Profiling cookies are not used.

By using this website consent is given to the use of cookies in conformity with the present notice. If otherwise, the user shall not be able to use the website or may autonomously modify the configuration of his own browser to block the cookies. In the event cookies are blocked, however, surfing the website may become very limited or impossible.

To deactivate cookies via configuration of the browser reference should be made to the following links:
deactivation of the cookies on Firefox
deactivation of the cookies on Chrome
deactivation of the cookies on Internet Explorer
deactivation of the cookies on Safari

Third party cookies
The website uses – via the Google Analytics service – analytics cookies that collect information in aggregate and anonymous form on the number of users and on how they visit the website.
The site also includes some functionalities developed by third parties who send their cookies (Google Maps).
Further information on the management of these cookies and their deactivation may be found at Privacy Policy.

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