LGV is an independent law firm that has acquired an extensive and in-depth experience of the legal services sector, principally in relation to innovative enterprises. The firm highly values an international and dynamic professional team environment.

LGV is among the most active and dynamic protagonists in Italian litigation and extra-judicial consultancy, known for its high quality service and client focused approach. LGV has also acquired experience in cross-border legal assistance and makes use of its numerous contacts with national, European and international legal professionals and experts, who are in a position to manage any kind of request, both legal and technical, thus guaranteeing the best possible service. Consequently, LGV is able to provide consultancy with respect to both contentious and non-contentious strategies in several territories (European and international).

we are innovative

Innovation is the pulsating heart of LGV.

At LGV, innovation is not just at the core of its daily activities. It also signifies a distinct way of working. Innovation is in the relations with clients, which tend to be direct, focused on their specific needs, and as free as possible from unhelpful jargon. Moreover, the structure of the firm is founded on a team that is experienced, devoted to its clients and careful with respect to costs management. Members of the team interact with one another in a constructive way and such interaction is further enriched by the presence of professionals who come from different jurisdictions and have followed international academic and professional itineraries, an attribute which is common to all professionals working at LGV. Finally, innovation can also be found in the development of new approaches to legal issues, premised on a multicultural and multidisciplinary vision, and aimed at finding the best solution for the client as well as making creative use of the procedural and negotiation instruments offered by the legal system.

we are dedicated

LGV understands how fundamentally important it is to listen to clients. Each client is offered a flexible and modular approach which takes into account their specific requests and needs.
Time is devoted to considering the economic and commercial needs of the client, and on that basis objectives are set together with the best strategy for achieving them. Objectives are not simply the immediate result of a lawsuit, defence or negotiation; rather, they are identified within a business friendly context of desired growth and entrepreneurial opportunity. The most competent team is then assembled, at all times considering the best balance between the quality of the service and management of related costs.

LGV guarantees attention and accessibility. The firm is completely focused on its clients, who at all times have access to the partners leading their case. Constant communication with clients and the regular provision of updates are practices which the firm follows with extreme precision and rigour.
Dedication at LGV means that each client is unique and important, and therefore the assistance which LGV provides is always singularly tailored to their needs.

we are passionate

Passion is the supporting base of the unrivalled specialization LGV can claim in its areas of legal practice. At LGV, specialization means being invested and interested in the relevant subjects which are considered in-depth both academically and intellectually as well as professionally and from a practical standpoint. Of crucial importance is the comparison between different branches of the law, professional approaches and legal systems.
Continuous training (both legal and technical) is one of the most important factors in the growth of the firm. LGV professionals regularly and actively work with other sector specific associations and engage in academic or teaching activities. The firm also organizes internal training sessions with a view to ensuring that the competence of its professionals is always of the highest level. The passion which inspires LGV is the force directing it to cultivate and reach excellence.


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