International network


Owing to the presence of native language professionals and the fact that many professionals in the firm have pursued their studies and careers abroad, LGV has acquired consolidated experience with foreign clients and other jurisdictions, including English, German and Asian (especially with regard to South Korea).

As far as the Anglo-Saxon market is concerned, all LGV professionals are fluent in English, which is the first working language for the firm, also thanks to the large number of foreign clients who communicate with the firm in this language. LGV professionals have acquired expertise in this field, through educational experience of various kinds in Anglo-Saxon universities, and especially thanks to the extensive and intense work with clients of this origin, both with reference to Italian jurisdiction, and with reference to other European and non-European jurisdictions. The ability to communicate in a fast and comprehensible way in the English language is a strong point of the firm, recognized by its clients, together with a perfect understanding of the commercial and business dynamics of the client, and the orientation towards obtaining the concrete result that the latter aims to achieve. LGV applies recognized international standards to all its activities, both in terms of working methods, reporting and billing, so as to make the consultancy relationship dynamic, fluid, effective and perfectly manageable by the client according to his policies and needs.

LGV has also long established privileged relations with the German market and with companies in the German-speaking area. Germany and Switzerland are important reference markets for the firm, and in these countries LGV has an established network of relationships, including local firms and professionals. Over the years, LGV has assisted many German-speaking clients by advising them, where they prefer, in the relevant language. Particularly intense are the relationships with German companies operating in the fields of mechanics and technology, chemistry, electronics, transport, communication and many others. The firm is also able to offer direct assistance to Italian and international companies for the solution of problems relating to Germany, as it includes a German lawyer qualified to practice both in Germany and Italy. This practice is a considerable advantage not only for German companies that want to operate in Italian markets, but also for Italian clients that have relationships with the Germanic world. For example, the firm can follow directly or at least to have a close control over the litigation that Italian clients might have in Germany.

In addition, the firm has developed an intensive relationship with Asian clients, with South Korea, in particular, for many years. Over the times LGV has assisted a considerable number of Korean companies and large groups in several transactions relating to the Italian and European markets. The firm also cooperates with Korean institutions and associations in Italy. The experience gained by LGV has confirmed the relevance of Italy as a destination for investments and an effective platform from which to enter the European market. Moreover, Korean clients have always considered LGV a reliable source of support for their business transactions in Italy and a safe harbor for all their issues which, at times, have been caused by the objective difficulty in understanding the intricacies of Italian law as well as by the inevitable cultural differences existing between the two countries. LGV is a bridge between these two worlds. LGV has also dealt, among other things, with certain issues involving employees, with reference to their hiring, assignment of functions or roles and dismissals as well as management of the transfer of managers to Italy, both for the performance of administrative procedures and for the domiciliation of the persons in question and their families. LGV has also engaged extensively in litigation, including arbitration, involving Korean clients with Italian counterparties. The firm has also dealt with the exequatur of arbitral awards in this country.

LGV has a very selected network of foreign professionals with whom it works daily, and who can provide a high standard of assistance, covering every possible aspect in the field of intellectual and commercial property. It is also proficient in negotiating contracts and agreements effectively with counterparties in the client’s target languages, and in accompanying them at every step towards internationalization in the language area in question.

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