On October 18th, DAV Italy associates meeting took place in Milan and elections were held for the renewal of the elected offices. Tankred Thiem has been unanimously confirmed as of Vice President of the Italian section of the Association of German Attorneys.


At the annual meeting held at Straf Hotel in Milan, Tankred Thiem has been re-elected as Vice President of DAV Italy, the italian section of the Deutscher Anwaltverein (DAV).
DAV’s relevant aims concern the protection, care and development of the professional and business interests of the German Advocacy following the statutory principles. Overall, promoting right’s protection, continuing professional education, as well as civic sense and lawyer’s critical mindset, are the main goals. These aims will be pursued in Italy through a close collaboration between German and Italian lawyers.

One of the most important and prestigious events managed by DAV is the „Deutscher Anwaltstag“ (https://anwaltstag.de/de/) which is the national legal profession conference focused on legal and policy issues. It annually brings together legal professionals, members of the Courts, politics, academics and press representatives for a social, legal and professional exchange of views.
Moreover, It is considered one of the largest training events for lawyers.