On September 6th 2017 in the European Parliament Sport Intergroup held a hearing entitled “The status of eSports in Europe: Need for a policy response”. The event  was attended by members of the main companies active in the field as well as by representatives of the industries involved in Esports.


The event was one of the first opportunities to approach  an issue concerning the necessity to create regulations on Esports at a European level, focusing on the development of framework from a legal and economic angle. In addition, it also aimed to identify the political issues related to this rapidly developing industry.

Esports, or Electronic Sports, are  forms of competitive activities, both amateur  and professional, that are facilitated by videogames. The games can be played by a single-player or multiple players while the competitions can be held  both ‘live’  involving the players who are physically present on the spot and online with other players all over the world.

The willingness to open a discussion on the Esports arises from the need to understand to what extent these “virtual” sports  and their players can be compared to the traditional ones , and to what degree the application of the regulations regarding the latter would be suitable in the area of Esports. At the moment, this area is self-regulated.

LGV, which has also been having clients from the companies and associations active in the video games industry, will follow the  developments of the discussion on Esports that is a topic of growing importance both at the European and national level.